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It started with an epiphany vision for a principle-centered CBD brand leveraged by half-a-decade of CBD industry knowledge, customer experience, and work with many health professionals and their patients.  Today, and every day, we re-commit to our own “Principles” of value, bio-science, manufacturing best practices, and unmatchable customer service.  This is why we continue our active work in CBD and related industries for over a decade now.

We know that our principle-centered values are self-evident and requisite to any concept of lasting success.  However, it is more specifically a type of MUTUAL success that is our Mission.  Ultimately, our success is defined by our customers, members, family, and friends.  This too has become self-evident, encouraging, and we promise to be there for you whenever you call. 

“Now in our 5th year, we keep our focus on how many more individual lives that we can influence and help with our efforts each day, each month.  We create a space for possibility each new day, observe humbly, and act as effectively as we possibly can.” – Ted Mortenson

Clean Formulations & Natural Ingredients

Free of parabens, phthalates, pegs, polysorbates, silicones, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil, and artificial colorants.  CBD Principles products do include cannabinoids, antioxidants, micronutrients, and raw magic from Mother Nature. Organically grown, non-GMO hemp. Dermatologist tested, and Made in U.S.A.

Sustainable Packaging

We strive to use sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials whenever possible.  Our shipping boxes are made from FSC-certified paper which means it has been sourced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

50 State Compliance

All of our products at CBD Principles have been certified by independent, 3rd-party laboratory test facilities and come with printed QR Codes on each product label instantly linking you to the product’s actual lab test results.  This information means that you can be sure that you are using safe, lab-tested, and ethically manufactured CBD Products.

Ted H. Mortenson Jr.

Founder/CEO, THM Brands President, CBD Principles®

Since inception in 2016, THM Brands has steadily gained deeper, hands-on experience with some of the most recognized business leaders in our rapidly expanding industry including many talented biochemists and engineers.

Another critical principle is doing everything possible to go where the data takes our projects.  Our experience shows that the majority of our audience (and customers) are equally split between men and women, and always has been since the beginning.  The median age (half below and half above) of our customers and members is 63, and the 3 main reasons visitors contact Ted is (in order of frequency) help with chronic pain, anxiety/stress, and sleep problems

Those new to CBD Principles® brand products are encouraged to find examples of Ted’s thought leadership/authorship on Cannabis issues ranging from political/legal nuances to CBD-related bioscience, CBD nanotechnology, and extensive CBD product reviews that are relevant and recommended.  The fact that we also created the opportunity to be involved personally with thousands of consumers at and serious palliative care patients is one of our most distinctive customer advantages.

With prior years’ experience as a licensed medical sales representative (RMSR #89372013), Ted marketed, sold, and instructed glaucoma specialists and ophthalmic surgeons alike in a revolutionary microsurgery procedure and medical device called Trabectome.  Following Ted’s involvement, the patent was subsequently sold to Halma plc (OTCMKTS: HLMAF) and is currently available online at

Logically, Ted’s first-person, documented data came in the form of his own post-surgery experience following his own 2nd hip replacement in 2013.  Ted used CBD Living Water as his sole, anti-inflammatory and pain relief substance (other than copious amounts of rum).  He had already discovered the potential of CBD as an extremely effective anti-inflammation, pain, and general stress reliever.  His personal and well-told testimonial explained that no opioid medications, no NSAIDs, no antidepressants, or even Tylenol was necessary post-surgery!

As a resident of Newport Beach, CA since 1967, Ted holds a few academic degrees from Chapman University (also in Orange County, CA) and has been actively supporting the local Newport-Mesa Chambers of Commerce, Balboa Angling Club, Balboa Peninsula Point Association, and numerous other fundraising and philanthropic organizations.  Traveled to 36 countries including graduate studies in Mexico and China.

Who Are We?

We are all about CBD principles®.  Providing an opportunity for natural healing and biochemistry from the Cannabis plant species directly to you and your loved ones without “unnecessary friction” is also what we are all about.

We recognize that principle-centered and ethical marketing methods are lacking in the world today. Therefore, opportunity is created for the THM Brands family, including CBD Principles®, to deliver unique customer value.  We also encourage our visitors and members to visit our more senior, flagship site at

We follow only the best industry standards, making our Hemp Oil the most effective and the highest quality on the market today.  Proprietary nanotechnology makes our products 9x more bioavailable than anything else on the market, making our products faster and more efficiently absorbed by the body. 

Our mission is to always provide the safest and most technologically advanced CBD products available… and do it in the most economically effective manner possible without sacrificing quality and effectiveness.

Our customers and members largely consist of men and women over the age of 50.  If for no other reason, our customer data shows that knowing exactly who they are dealing with regarding their unique health challenges clearly matters to them. 

Ted makes himself available for complimentary phone consultations as well as ongoing advice and therapy support.  Your own medical professionals are also encouraged to contact us at (888) 302-3600, or

Ask yourself, who else does that?

At the most fundamental level, it is for you to decide how we differentiate ourselves from 99% of the companies competing for your CBD product satisfaction and customer loyalty.



We started our journey as a CBD company and our growth continues even today. As we began, we made tremendous progress in the CBD world but we wished to do something more. In December 2019, we got into the business of D8, and it has never been better than this.

Our main distribution hub is based in Houston, Texas. However, the products manufacturing facility is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Does CBD Principles follow a vision?

Yes, we do! We want to be recognized as a status symbol for D8. The sole idea of the brand is to bring forward a safe place to buy D8. We want everyone to be healthy and enjoy life. That’s why we work using the latest technology and advanced engineering to bring the best quality products to the table.

Ted H. Mortenson

Jr. Founder/CEO, THM Brands President, CBD Principles

At THM Brands, we are all about CBD Principles. Our mission is to always provide the safest and most technologically advanced CBD products available in the most economically effective manner possible. At the most fundamental level, it is for you to decide how we differentiate ourselves from 99.9% of the companies competing for your satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Over the last 6 years, we have gained deep, hands-on experience with some of the most recognized business leaders in our rapidly expanding industry as well as many talented biochemists and engineers. The fact that we also created the opportunity to work personally with thousands of patients is in fact one of our biggest customer advantages. Our company’s founder has been actively consulting patients on a daily basis for over 6 years. And you too can find significant relief from physical pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and much more from effective CBD therapies.

Who we are

Documented “CBD” thought leadership and experience has led to the formulation of specific CBD products that are designed to meet the most general needs of most every type of customer. (search: “Ted Mortenson”) Like CBD products themselves, our customers are varied, and they are typically interested in either full-spectrum CBD for optimal entourage effect, or water-soluble nano CBD for optimal bioavailability, and/or topical CBD products that are more effective than what you’ve likely tried before.

It is with this in mind that these are our core product categories based on years of work with health-oriented customers seeking optimal performance from CBD supplementation, relief from medical conditions/symptoms, or avoiding the side effects from prescription medications, it is our sincere hope that you find our product information helpful and our products more effective for you and yours in the years to come.

Please let us hear your questions and comments at, or call for your complimentary consultation at (888) 320-3600

Thank you for your consideration.

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