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We started our journey as a CBD company and our growth continues even today. As we began, we made tremendous progress in the CBD world but we wished to do something more. In December 2019, we got into the business of D8, and it has never been better than this.

Our main distribution hub is based in Houston, Texas. However, the products manufacturing facility is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Does CBD Principles follow a vision?

Yes, we do! We want to be recognized as a status symbol for D8. The sole idea of the brand is to bring forward a safe place to buy D8. We want everyone to be healthy and enjoy life. That’s why we work using the latest technology and advanced engineering to bring the best quality products to the table.

Ted H. Mortenson

Jr. Founder/CEO, THM Brands President, CBD Principles

At THM Brands, we are all about CBD Principles. Our mission is to always provide the safest and most technologically advanced CBD products available in the most economically effective manner possible. At the most fundamental level, it is for you to decide how we differentiate ourselves from 99.9% of the companies competing for your satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Over the last 6 years, we have gained deep, hands-on experience with some of the most recognized business leaders in our rapidly expanding industry as well as many talented biochemists and engineers. The fact that we also created the opportunity to work personally with thousands of patients is in fact one of our biggest customer advantages. Our company’s founder has been actively consulting patients on a daily basis for over 6 years. And you too can find significant relief from physical pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and much more from effective CBD therapies.

Who we are

Documented “CBD” thought leadership and experience has led to the formulation of specific CBD products that are designed to meet the most general needs of most every type of customer. (search: “Ted Mortenson”) Like CBD products themselves, our customers are varied, and they are typically interested in either full-spectrum CBD for optimal entourage effect, or water-soluble nano CBD for optimal bioavailability, and/or topical CBD products that are more effective than what you’ve likely tried before.

It is with this in mind that these are our core product categories based on years of work with health-oriented customers seeking optimal performance from CBD supplementation, relief from medical conditions/symptoms, or avoiding the side effects from prescription medications, it is our sincere hope that you find our product information helpful and our products more effective for you and yours in the years to come.

Please let us hear your questions and comments at support@cbdprinciples.com, or call for your complimentary consultation at (888) 320-3600

Thank you for your consideration.

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