CBD Principles® website supports the FDA’s efforts regarding unfounded medical claims being made by some companies in the emerging Cannabis industry. These unfounded claims, as they apply to the Cannabis plant and its natural and well-documented health constituents, could create misconceptions and medical concerns alike.

Unfounded claims also harm legitimate companies and their well-formulated and manufacturing processes that utilize and demonstrate all best practices.  FDA licensed manufacturing facilities, and similarly certified 3rd Party Laboratory test results are available on all our recommended products’ product label QR codes providing accurate data on the contents of that particular container’s contents and lab results.

In an effort to re-enforce the FDA concerns in all 50 States, CBD PRINCIPLES® DOES NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS.

Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. All content at CBDprinciples.com contains references to The National Institutes of Medicine (NIH) and other medical journals around the world.
  2. Our written Product Return Policy  is acknowledged, and agreed upon by our customers prior to their permission to complete any order(s).
  3. To encourage full-disclosure, all of customer’s comments are published and can be found at the bottom of all relevant pages.
  4. Only authorized, opt-in “customers” are included in our regular CBDP Updates including all other automated e-mail and company communications.
  5. Customer Service at CBD Principles® is available at 888-302-3600 as well as personalized consultations at no charge to all customers and visitors.
Additionally, we encourage all our clients to do independent research on the uses of naturally, and professionally Hemp derived products manufactured in FDA licensed facilities for your confidence, and consult your Health and Medical specialists before trying our recommended CBD and Hemp-derived products if you ever sense any hesitation.  Otherwise, these products are legal in all 50 states to purchase and consume.
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