The Truth About CBD

So, what is the truth about CBD?  Well, that depends.

Over the last 5 years, Americans have witnessed a litany of their elected representatives, legislators, regulators, and politicos flip their positions on Cannabis.  They appear to have re-evaluated its immense potential for good.

Upholding their “majority” belief in the need for Cannabis prohibition for the last 85 years has proven to be untenable politically, yet many patients and consumers are left with even more questions about CBD regardless.

As an author, and publisher who personally tests, reviews, and recommends high-quality CBD products for sale, I hope our members at Cannabis Animus and our casual visitors will appreciate some important truths about CBD in 2021 America.

As expected, many of our members and customers have inquired about the products they are taking (or have taken).  Our visitors inquire daily about the efficacy of CBD products they are considering as an alternative to prescription medication(s).  It is with this in mind that we take a good look at CBD product testing, analysis, and disclosure to consumers.

Updates on the following areas of interest:

  • CBD Regulation and Changes

  • CBD Product Lab Testing

  • QR Codes and Lab Results

CBD Is Definitely Big Business

We all know this!  Well, perhaps not as acutely as we all should.  It’s huge!

From to, it is estimated that the trend is running at about $30 billion estimated in entrepreneurial revenue (pre-tax) from Cannabis products for 2021.  Now, we see CBD products showing up in liquor, convenience stores, gas stations, and even health professional offices!

Nationwide sales for CBD in 2018 were estimated between $600 to $750 Million.

It’s expected by the forecasters in the business to exceed 30 billion for this year 2021.  So much for pessimist forecasters.

CBD Testing Demand Increases

So since the secret about the benefits of CBD therapy is no longer much of a secret, all of the scammers and Internet marketing gurus are lit up like Christmas Trees and moving their assets to other rocks to crawl under while they take advantage of “the next best thing” to monetize.  After all, the marketer’s motto is always “Give ‘em what they want”.

CBD Regulation

As with any substance that is suddenly reclassified and subsequently turned from “bad” and illegal status to now a “good” substance, the DOJ, FBI, and local law enforcement agencies, etc. are left to manage public expectations with mud on their faces and chips on their shoulders.

For example, President Biden is retreating from the Progressive Movement’s call for the Federal legalization of Cannabis.  And they aren’t happy about it, nor are the Libertarians on the far “Right.”

It’s halfway through the year 2021 and CBD (cannabidiol) is still not acknowledged as a healthy, dietary supplement, substance by the FDA.  This flies in the face of common knowledge and a multi-billion-dollar CBD industry within the U.S. borders.  After all, we know that Cannabis is one of the most healthy and universally accepted food supplements used by humans for at least the last 12,000 years.

FDA Logo

Seems strange that there are still no effective, industry-wide, federal regulations and/or testing requirements for Cannabis product manufacturers.  Even today, policing of the industry has been a natural and free-market response to consumer demands and expectations as opposed to the typical cast of government regulators.

This is especially true for the CBD product manufacturers due to its non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and non-addictive advantages as opposed to “medical marijuana” which comes with tons more political baggage.  See below for more information on legislative and regulatory changes that are affecting the commercialization of Cannabis (Hemp) and CBD.

CBD Product Testing Results

One of the results of my research on this subject revealed that a testing facility called Evio Labs measured results from products manufactured by over 400 companies.  Bio-chemists evaluated the results after testing for how much CBD was actually contained in the product compared to what was provided on the labels.

Their data showed that 25 out of the 35 tested did not contain the amount of CBD claimed on the label, and some had no CBD in the product whatsoever.

CBD in the form of Gummies were found to be the most often type of product to be low or no CBD.

CBD Product Testing Equipment

Chris Martinez, the owner of Evio Labs explained that, more often than not, their results from the sampling showed that most of the products tested did not match their claimed CBD content regardless of the explanations offered by those manufacturers in response to the test results found.

Ironically, there seems to be a direct correlation between advertising claims as “The Highest in CBD” were, in fact, low to absolutely no CBD whatsoever.  The truth about CBD is becoming more complex.

Check out this 3-minute video that is quite descriptive of their Test Results.

Testing Results Deserve Your Attention

I’ve personally tested over 100+ CBD products as part of my work as an author and publisher of CBD product reviews.  As opposed to even a year ago, I find that the high-quality brands all have QR Codes on their labels which are intended to be scanned by the consumer using the camera on your smartphone or mobile device.

What could be more convenient!  Simply scan the square-shaped, black & white image (if available) with your smartphone’s camera, and you will be provided the 3rd Party Test results of the exact batch from which your product’s container originated.

Any self-respecting, conscientious, and worthy manufacturer will have this QR code image on all of their product’s labels.

You’ll discover truth about their CBD products within seconds.

Image of QR Code for CBD Living Tincture Oil

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